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All studio showings take place at Scotiabank Dance Centre.

Dancers of Damelahamid photo Derek Dix

Photo: Dancers of Damelahamid by Derek Dix

Dancers of Damelahamid
Wednesday November 18, 2015 at 4pm

Dancers of Damelahamid are a Gitxsan dance company from the Northwest Coast of British Columbia, founded upon over four decades of extensive work of song restoration, upholding the ancient cultural wealth of their lineage. They have produced the annual Coastal First Nations Dance Festival since 2008, and have created several full length works, touring to New Zealand, China and Peru. Dancers of Damelahamid will present an excerpt of a new dance work, Flicker, an interdisciplinary project combining coastal dance and projections and visuals created in collaboration with multimedia artist Andy Moro.Flicker premieres in May 2016.

Thoenn Glover
Friday November 20, 2015 at 12.30pm

Dance artist and emerging choreographer Thoenn Glover has been developing work with a strong focus on multi-disciplinary collaboration, especially in lighting and sound. With four dancers Wags Alternate investigates the undercurrents and impulses of caricature, the alter-ego of self and the fundamental hidden aspects of our lives. The work incorporates several ropes hung from the grid as well as ropes used loose in the space as props, exploring the inherent theatricality and dynamic possibilities they provide for the dancers.

Wen Wei Dance
Saturday November 21, 2015 at 12.30pm

Wen Wei Wang’s new work is performed by five men: Dialogue (working title) is a piece that explores themes of contact, communication and language – both spoken and unspoken- underlying our learned ability to speak language and the fundamental urge to communicate. Drawing from Wen Wei’s personal experience as a non-English speaking immigrant to Canada, the work explores the basic desire to be understood, and the loneliness when one does not achieve those honest connections with others. Dialogue strives to break down the sophisticated and artificial systems of language and technology to examine the universality of communication and our collective experience.



Thursday November 19 
7:30-7.50pm Kristen Lewis & David Westcott, Walking Bear Productions + Anne Cooper + K.L.A.S.S.
9.30-9.50pm Ileanna Cheladyn and Diego Romero + Carolina Bergonzoni e Luciana Freire D’Anunciação + Naomi Brand and Ben Brown
Friday November 20 
7:30-7.50pm CollabArt Creations + Heather Lamoureux + Arash Khakpour
9.30-9.50pm Kelly McInnes + Elissa Hanson
Scotiabank Dance Centre - Granville St facade

A series of short choreographic works taking place behind the doors of the art deco Granville Street frontage of Scotiabank Dance Centre. Working with the premise that complete performance works can be any length of time, each artist has created a work up to five minutes in length, each one determined by the confines of the space.

Anne Cooper: 5 min in a cube

Choreographer/Dancer Anne Cooper 

Absorbing the feeling of this ‘outsider’-yet formal-space, and thoughts of the possibilities of the inclusion of new cultures alongside cultures that exist already in this country, this is simply a dance, and, in a way, a ritual that has arisen from form and from curiosity. Anne Cooper’s work has been presented by The Firehall Arts Centre, and at Performance Works, Push Off, The Dance Centre and other venues.

Arash Khakpour: This is a Full Melon

You are born. There's your brain. There's your memories. It is red. It is a melon.

When life hands you melons… you take them… you take them….

Carolina Bergonzoni e Luciana Freire D’Anunciação

Concept & Performance: Carolina Bergonzoni & Luciana Freire D'Anunciação

Continuing the exploration of partnership and space in performance, we are playing with plastic bags, questioning the engagement of performing bodies within a confined space, a room full of air. Find us and

CollabArt Creations: Tech-No! (Part 1)

Performers: Kylah Powell (Creator) and Raychel MacAulay 

CollabArt Creations is excited to present the first part of a 2-part piece, poking fun at the art of texting and social media, and how we have succumbed to its power! What happens when that technology goes away? For more info on the company, check out CollabArt’s website

Elissa Hanson: Private, Quiet, Disco Moment

This character and I are looking for a moment of freedom, a time to contemplate what people think of us. 

Elissa enjoys dance, physical performance, and film. Her independent work comprises several short dances and video works. She is currently working on a film and an alter ego.

Heather Lamoureux

Created and Performed by Heather Lamoureux

Dirt cleanses my soul. I dig in my garden barefoot. I am herbivorous. I roll down hills. I cuddle with bushes and trees. I walk on pavement. I wear lipstick. I sustain myself by serving meat and wine. Much of which goes in the garbage, with my soul. 

Ileanna Cheladyn and Diego Romero

Performers and creators: Ileanna Cheladyn and Diego Romero.

a VDAM card game: Whose side are you on?

Kelly McInnes

Kelly McInnes is a dance artist interested in creating work as a form of social activism; a call to action. This full length work examines the mass objectification of women's bodies, the masking of the individual through the bizarre sameness of the beauty standard and magnifies the surreal in perfection.

Performers: Kelly McInnes, Sophia Wolfe, Rianne Svelnis & Hayley Rose Gawthrop

K.L.A.S.S.: There's Something You're not Getting

Collaborative Creators and Performers: Klara Steklova, Ariana Barer, Scotti Gibson, Sonja Janousek

K.L.A.S.S. came together to create There's Something You're not Getting as an offshoot of their work with Polymer Dance, a contemporary-based improv group. With different dance and movement backgrounds, They have created something that represents all of them - and maybe you! 

Kristen Lewis & David Westcott, Walking Bear Productions: Open

Performed by Kristen Lewis; created by David Westcott.

In the simplest possible movement language, and with an obsessive attention to detail, Open considers what it means to be human---a continuation of life’s long crawl from the primordial ooze up to the present---but now just simply here: a body, standing on the precipice, in the doorway, open… 

Naomi Brand and Ben Brown: Light Orchestra

Creators/Performers: Ben Brown and Naomi Brand

two lamps. one drum. two bodies. one space. two pulses. one pedal. two lights. one dark. two voices. one silence. two movements. one suite. two lit limbs. one drum solo. two doors. one ceiling. two disciplines. one mantle.