Global Dance Connections 2016-2017

Boundary-busting contemporary dance from BC and around the world.

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Upcoming shows

Wen Wei Dance
Thursday-Saturday May 25-27, 8pm
Post-show artist talkback May 26


Wen Wei Dance/photo Chris Randle

Wen Wei Wang's hotly-anticipated new work is a creation for six male dancers that investigates communication – both spoken and unspoken - and the fundamental urge to connect. Drawing from his personal experience as a non-English speaking immigrant to Canada, Dialogue expresses the basic desire to be understood, and the loneliness when those connections with others are not achieved. Wang pairs his precise and subtle choreography with striking visual design and music and a distinctive trans-cultural sensibility, articulating our deepest emotions with an elegant, aggressive physicality which is resonant and startlingly beautiful.

Presented through the Artist-in-Residence program
Duration: TBA
Photo Chris Randle


Past Shows

Noam Gagnon | Vision Impure
This Crazy Show
Thursday-Saturday October 20-22, 8pm
Post-show talkback October 21

Noam Gagnon Vision Impure/photo Michel Dozois

Noam Gagnon's provocative new work reflects on the quest for love and acceptance, and how our identities shift and change. What is it to be pliable, de-formed and re-formed, without losing our integrity? This Crazy Show is an eccentric and entertaining exploration of how our bodies and sense of self can continuously morph and evolve. A magnetic and irresistibly charming stage presence, Gagnon is renowned for holding nothing back, physically or emotionally, in his full-throttle performances. A long platinum blonde wig, an accordion, a plethora of disco balls, and more all come into play as he whirls the audience away on a breathless, fantastical ride.

VIDEO MESSAGE with Noam Gagnon


BLOG: Fantasy and Physicality in Noam Gagnon's This Crazy Show

Presented through the Artist-in-Residence program
Duration: approx 60 minutes
Photo Michel Dozois


Jan Martens
Sweat Baby Sweat
Wednesday-Friday January 18-20, 8pm
Post-show talkback January 19

Jan Martens/photo Klaartje Lambrechts

Maverick Flemish choreographer Jan Martens follows up his stunning Vancouver debut last season (The Dog Days Are Over) with a signature work which has toured all over the world. Sweat Baby Sweat takes the most clichéd theme in dance - the relationship between a man and a woman – and distils it into an intensely physical, intimate duet depicting all-consuming love. An acrobatic balancing act which demands extraordinary strength and stamina, it focuses on two people who literally can't let one another go. This is a very modern mating ritual, filled with moments of sensual tenderness, desire, resistance and co-dependence, a highly-charged encounter which both comforts and unsettles.

On the blogCurator's Notes on Sweat Baby Sweat


Presented with

PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
Duration: 65 minutes
Photo Klaartje Lambrechts


Alessandro Sciarroni
FOLK-S, Will you still love me tomorrow?
Thursday-Saturday February 2-4, 8pm
Post-show talkback February 3

Alessandro Sciarroni/photo Andrea Macchia

The boundary-busting works of Italian choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni range freely between dance, theatre, performance art and anthropology. In FOLK-S, he deconstructs the Schuhplattler ('shoe-beater'), a Bavarian folk dance where the performers slap their shoes and legs with their hands, and refines it to its most essential elements, reactivating the movements in a contemporary context. Six outstanding dancers execute a seemingly limitless series of complex rhythmic sequences, giving an extreme exposition of the multiple variations that a form can take, even to the point of exhaustion. The hammering of bodies transformed into percussion instruments creates a hypnotic sense of ritual, in a spellbinding meditation on time, rhythm and effort.

On the blogCurator's Notes

Presented with 

PuSh International Performing Arts FestivalItalian Cultural Centre
Duration: approx 90 minutes
Photo Andrea Macchia


Tara Cheyenne Performance + Silvia Gribaudi
Thursday-Saturday February 16-18, 8pm
Post-show artist talkback February 17

Tara Cheyenne + Silvia Gribaudi/photo Wendy D

Vancouver audience favourite Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg and Italy's Silvia Gribaudi collide and embrace in a new collaboration which navigates the role of comedy as a catalyst to understanding and communication, addressing questions of gender, culture and language along the way. Both these seriously funny women have crafted their own expert blends of physicality and characterization to create hilarious but poignant works, which reflect on the absurdities of life and what it means to be human. Featuring an original soundscape composed by musician Marc Stewart, empty.swimming.pool is a cocktail of dance, theatre and voice, spiced with acute observations and subversive humour.


Presented with 
Chutzpah! Festival
Duration: approx 60 minutes
Photo Wendy D Photography


Kinesis Dance somatheatro
In Penumbra
Wednesday-Saturday March 1-4, 8pm
Post-show talkback March 2

Kinesis Dance/photo Chris Randle

Kinesis Dance somatheatro marks its 30th anniversary with a new creation by Artistic Director Paras Terezakis which continues on the conceptual path of 2015’s U>W.  The work is inspired by the search for utopia, how the insatiable desire to reach this paradise brings out both the best and the worst in us, and the penumbra - the grey area between light and darkness - that clouds our quest for enlightenment. Integrating movement, theatre, music, video and lighting, Terezakis deploys a crack ensemble of fearless dancers in a thrilling visual landscape. His dense, meaty choreography and compelling theatrical imagination propel a visceral adventure into a world of contrasts and contradictions. 

This show includes bright flashing lights.

Presented with Kinesis Dance

and the Vancouver International Dance Festival
Duration: approx 60 minutes
Photo Chris Randle


Zab Maboungou | Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata
Thursday-Saturday April 6-8, 8pm
Post-show talkback April 7

Zab Maboungou Cie Nyata Nyata/photo Kevin Calixte

Montreal-based choreographer Zab Maboungou has earned an international reputation for pioneering a unique style which is deeply rooted in traditional African dances, but is imbued with a fiercely contemporary approach. This revival of her seminal 1997 work Mozongi (‘Return') reveals the potent poetic power that she constructs from movement, bodies and rhythms. Performed by five dancers and two percussionists, Mozongi explores time and memory, motion and stillness, the individual and the group. The electrifying dancing and drumming radiates energy and purpose, and the piece emanates profound wisdom, immense heart and unforgettable spirit.

Duration: 55 minutes

Lesley Telford | Inverso
Three Sets/Relating at a Distance
Thursday-Saturday April 20-22, 8pm
Post-show talkback April 21

Lesley Telford/photo David Cooper

Lesley Telford's choreography brings together a technically rigorous vocabulary and a thought-provoking approach, refined by her years dancing with Nederlands Dans Theater and creating for companies at home and abroad, most recently Ballet BC. This triple bill features an excerpt of a new creation inspired by Einstein's famous phrase “spooky action at a distance”, referring to particles that are so closely linked, they share the same existence: a collaboration with poet Barbara Adler, the piece seeks to extend the theory to human connections in our phenomenally interconnected world. The program also includes a new extended version of If, a trio based on Anne Carson's poem, and the duet My tongue, your ear, with text by Wislawa Szymborska.

Presented through the Artist-in-Residence program
Duration:  approx 75 minutes
Photo David Cooper