Authentic Movement

Dance Divine

Dance Divine is a weekly, free-style conscious dance event that helps people reconnect with their feelings, intuition and community by drawing on the therapeutic qualities of movement and music, and by providing a safe container in which we graduate from structure and facilitation to practice listening and responding to the Authentic Self - our own wise authority.


Tannis Hugill

Tannis Hugill’s work is based on her deep belief that creativity, healing and the sacred are one intricately woven fabric, illuminating each of us. As a therapist, she offers her training as a Board Certified Dance-Movement Therapist, Registered Drama Therapist, Spiritual Director and practitioner of somatic approaches to the treatment of trauma, working with clients in Vancouver and Squamish. As a teacher, she offers workshops in Authentic Movement, Moving Prayer and Ecstatic Body Postures. She also offers ritual performances, which bring the sacred into secular theatrical environments.