East Asian

Lorita Leung Dance Company

The Lorita Leung Chinese Dance Company is recognized by China as North America's leading Chinese dance performing group. This group is acclaimed for its professional and authentic presentation of Chinese Folk, Minority, and Classical dance and is also a leading proponent of Modern Chinese Dance. The group is noted for its work in preserving, promoting and enhancing Chinese Dance culture in Canada. The Company has performed continuously since 1970 and has become a well known cultural ambassador as well as an artistic leader in the area of Chinese Dance.


TomoeArts Society

TomoeArts (pronounced toh-moh-ay) promotes and performs nihon buyoh (Japanese classical dance), and creates performances incorporating Japanese forms and aesthetics. We have produced traditional dances in parks, contemporary dance-theatre in art galleries, festival-dance inspired performance with hand-held projectors in rainy city streets, and kabuki dance concerts featuring master artists from Japan.