Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy

Formed in 1972 by legendary Flamenco dancer Oscar Nieto, Mozaico Flamenco Dance Theatre has been a moving force in the world of Spanish dance for more than 30 years, continuously pushing the outer edges of the artistic envelope and fusing dance, music and culture. Co-artistic director Kasandra has been acclaimed as Vancouver’s rising flamenco star. In 2002 they founded the Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy in Vancouver where they train hundreds of students of all backgrounds, ages and experience levels.


Flamenco Rosario

Flamenco Rosario was founded in 1989 by Artistic Director Rosario Ancer and Musical Director Victor Kolstee. Ongoing activities for our organization include the popular Cuadro Flamenco series featuring traditional dance tablao style, the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival showcasing local, national and international guest artists, and mainstage performances, allowing for artistic experimentation. Flamenco Rosario continues to honor both the rich flamenco tradition and to produce presentations which stretch the boundaries and evolution of the art form.


Karen Flamenco Dance Society

Karen Flamenco is an acclaimed collaborative and interactive flamenco dance company that is a leader in the creation, production and education of flamenco dance in Vancouver. Bold and innovative, this company’s distinctive style and approach has helped the company make a unique and valuable contribution to the development of flamenco dance in this city.