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Performance | Dance In Vancouver

Dance In Vancouver: The Biting School


The Biting School draws on history, literature and philosophy to interrogate challenging social and political issues. The company’s work translates the anxiety, trauma and beauty of our time into the language of the body in no-holds-barred theatrical works full of physicality, daring ideas and dark humour. Orangutang (Malay for ‘the man of the forest’) is a provocative new solo choreographed and performed by Arash Khakpour.

Limited capacity.

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  • Wednesday-Saturday November 24-27 & December 1-4, 2021 | 7pm

  • Russian Hall
    600 Campbell Avenue

  • $27

  • approx 60 min

  • Mature content, strong language

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Orangutang is a mourning ritual, a dance of birth and death.

This ritual is my way of mourning the loss of my innocence and the innocence of others.

This performance is rooted in memories that came from practicing my ancestral religious traditions of Shia Islam.

Orangutang is the manifestation of my inner turmoil revealed to you.

An attempt at compassion towards the external world.

Orangutangs are rare and endangered species native to Indonesia and Malaysia.

In Malay, ‘Orang-utang’ means ‘the man of the forest’.

-Arash Khakpour

Presented as part of Dance In Vancouver 2021 in partnership with The Biting School.


Performer/Choreographer: Arash Khakpour
Creative Consultant: Raïna von Waldenburg
Dramaturg: Aryo Khakpour
Set Designer: Hamidreza Jadid
Costume Designer: Elika Mojtabaei
Composer: Alex Mah
Lighting Designer: Jonathan Kim
Producing Stage Manager: Amanda Parafina
Photographer: Luciana D’Anunciação