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Matriarchs Uprising / Talking Stick Festival

DMK's Same But Different

DubaiKungkaMiyalk brings together a double bill of solo works by Mariaa Randall and Henrietta Baird, two contemporary choreographers who tell stories through dance. Each woman has created a work that draws on their individual dance practice. While both artists’ style of moving may be different, the women are unified by their common desire to move. Baird’s Protocols is a solo investigating cultural protocols; questioning when to follow cultural law and when to break it in order to keep culture alive. Randall’s I’Dentity dissects the boundaries of identity and questions who gets to draw the line. Same but Different places the women and their work side by side to challenge any notion that all Indigenous dance is the same.

Matriarchs Uprising brings together Indigenous women who are nurturing the art of contemporary dance so that it may be appreciated by audiences from all backgrounds.  www.oliviacdavies.ca/matriarchs-uprising

  • Friday February 21, 2020 | 7.30pm

  • The Cultch, Historic Theatre, 1895 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2H6

  • $25 plus SC & fees

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