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The Collective Body

The Collective Body is an audio/video project that captures a moment in history while inspiring artists from across North America.

It all starts with the dancers. Each dancer records themselves separately, creating a video of a particular body part in motion. There is no sound, just the feeling of movement. The video is then sent to the musicians, who use the movement as inspiration for their own soundscape. The new audio recordings are sent to other dancers, who use the sounds as inspiration for their own movement. The recordings are gathered, tagged, and fed into a system that merges pieces together at random. The result is a haunting, shimmering collage of diverse bodies projected onto the windows of the Rotary Centre for the Arts, as a cascade of sound washes over visitors outside.

More info: http://livingthingsfestival.com/event/the-collective-body/

  • January 10–30, 2021 5:00 PM–9:00 PM

  • Rotary Centre for the Arts
    421 Cawston Ave
    Kelowna BC

  • Free Admission