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Lady M - Power

TomoeArts ventures into new territory to create a fully digital performance combining dance, theatre and interactive digital technology. Using Jennifer Butler’s stunning composition For Dreams of Things Which Cannot Be and taking elements from the text of the letter scene in Shakespeare’s Macbeth the artists work with themes of desire, gender, doubt and fear to explore the heart of woman striving for power.

Lady M was conceived of as a live dance-theatre performance combining Shakespeare’s text and the gestures of nihon buyoh. It was inspired from the last choreography of Colleen Lanki’s teacher, Fujima Yūko, which was never fully performed. Fujima Yūko had created two choreographies set to jiuta music to depict Lady Macbeth’s letter monologue and madness scenes, intertwining them with lines spoken by the weird sisters or Hecate. The artistic plan has evolved through time and pandemic to become a dance-theatre-digital media experiment.

Tickets and Info

  • Friday February 26, 2021 | 6pm PST

  • Online

  • Free Admission