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Vancouver International Dance Festival

Reading the Bones

The 2020 Vancouver International Dance Festival presents Kokoro Dance.
Reading the Bones is an aleatory performance piece where we have thrown the bones of past choreography onto the stage to see if these favourite movement sequences still have significance outside of their original historical context. We looked for phrases and paragraphs from from our past repertoire of over 190 dance works and picked Impending Death (1990), Truths of the Blood (1996), Embryotrophic Cavatina (1998), Crime Against Grace (2001), ( ) (2003), Here to There (2005), Falling Down (2006), Bellatrix (2007), F (2009), Music of Amber (2011), and Life (2013). We set these selections on five women of different generations who each perform all of these excerpts except for Impending Death and Here to There.  We structured the piece to allow overlaps in starting points, to allow at least one solo for each dancer, to allow individual freedom of expression, even in ensemble sections, while demanding allegiance to form and sequence.

  • Friday-Saturday March 27-28, 2020 | 8pm

  • The Vancouver Playhouse.
    600 Hamilton St @ Dunsmuir St, Vancouver BC

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