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Performance | Dance In Vancouver

Dance In Vancouver: Kelly McInnes + Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien

Double Bill

In Blue Space, Kelly McInnes explores our intrinsic connection to water – the water that makes up our bodies and the world we inhabit. Full of startling imagery, this deeply-felt solo explores tensions between the healing and the exploitation involved in our relationship to earth, and remembers what we’re made of.

Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien’s choreography revolves around form and abstract gestures through the use of unison, repetition, and complex patterns, while projections and sound reveal softer internal worlds. Danced by Eowynn Enquist and Isak Enquist, Mid-Light: A Translucent Memory is a score-based re-imagining of a piece initially made for film and stage – an attempt to grasp an idea that is endlessly shifting and dissolving into new forms.

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  • Friday November 26, 2021 | 8pm

  • Scotiabank Dance Centre


  • $25-30

  • Nudity

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Blue Space
Choreography and performance: Kelly McInnes
Photos: Sophia Wolfe

Mid-Light: A Translucent Memory
Choreography: Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien
Performance: Eowynn Enquist, Isak Enquist
Photos: Sepehr Samimi


Presented as part of Dance In Vancouver 2021