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The Dance Centre Staff

Executive Director:
Mirna Zagar
Programming Coordinator:
Raquel Alvaro
T: 604.606.6405 E:
Associate Producer:
Linda Blankstein
T: 604.606.6423 E:
Member Services Coordinator:
Claire French
T: 604.606.6416 E:
Director of Marketing:
Heather Bray
T: 604.606.6412 E:
Digital Marketing Coordinator:
Lindsay Curtis
Development Director:
T: 604.606.6407 E:
Venue and Services Administrator:
Glenn Cohen
T: 604.606.6413 E:
Elyn Dobbs
T: 604.606.6415 E:
Dance Central Editor:
Shanny Rann
Lead Technician:
Chengyan Boon
T: 604.606.6418 E:
Jethro Allen-Martin, Anna Brancato, Jessica Han, Logan Herbert, Nathan Kelly, Jono Kim, Gabriel Raminhos, Vanka Salim, Ryan Yee
Front of House Managers:
Gavan Cheema, Anna Dueck, Laura Funay, Maya Lemire, Samantha Pawliuk, Melicia Zaini
Venue Services Coordinators:
Alice Jones
T: 604.606.6400 E:
Ursula Blanchard, Ashka Dudzic, Laura Funay, Chris Lam, Xin Xuan Song
Portrait of Mirna Zagar

Meet Mirna Zagar

Executive Director

Mirna Zagar’s career in dance spans over 25 years. Originally from Zagreb, Croatia, she was an active member of the Croatian dance scene for over two decades during which time she contributed substantially to its developments. First a dancer then artistic director for the Zagreb Dance Company, in 1981 she founded Dance Week Festival (Tjedan Suvremenog Plesa) which is today one of Europe’s leading international dance festivals.

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The Dance Centre
Board Members

Rosario Ancer

Julianne Chapple

Sheila Evani – Chair

Tin Gamboa

Judith Garay

Megan Halkett – Vice-Chair

Arash Khakpour

Anndraya T Luui

Andrea Reid

Annelie Vistica – Treasurer

Jason Wrobleski – Secretary

The Dance Foundation
Board Members

Andrea Benzel

Trent Berry

Linda Blankstein – Chair

Samantha Luo

Anndraya T Luui – Secretary

Sasha Morales

Mark Osburn

Janice Wells – Treasurer