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Event, Studio Showing | DanceLab

Zahra Shahab

Collaborating with visual artist Katie Green and dance-artists Sophia Wolfe, Eric Cheung, and Juolin Lee, this research is about merging choreography, costume, and set design, to generate fantastical monsters in a continual state of flux. This work seeks to illustrate the idea from feminist metaphysics that identity is continually emergent out of interdependent relationships and the force-fields of a shifting space-time. Live transformation of costume and set create a world that is intentionally unstable and unpredictable, bending open the false solidity of our social scripts. Our interest in fantasy stems from the room that it provides for non-normative expressions of identity such as gender, queer desire, and unexpected evolutions of form. We are drawing inspiration from the evolving identities of the poc dance-artists in the room, as well as animated films.
Photo credit: Yvonne Chew

  • Saturday November 9, 2019 | 5pm

  • Scotiabank Dance Centre


  • Free Admission

  • 1 hour