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12 Minutes Max

12 Minutes Max: Connection, Creation and Experimentation

Luciana D’Anunciacao and Kelly McInnes, SatisFACTORY Dance and Yvonne Chew discuss the works they have been developing during the spring 2021 session of 12 Minutes Max. These works can be seen in an online studio showing on March 31 at 6pm PST.

Luciana D’Anunciacao and Kelly McInnes

Kelly and I have had a conversation for over a year about making a piece together, but only now were we able to spend some quality time on it. We took our participation in 12MM as the starting point for the research and creation phase for a new piece. With the support of Canada Council for the Arts and Moberly Arts Centre we worked within an exclusive covid-19 safe bubble for 2 full-time weeks of pure joy in making art again after such a scarce year of creativity outputs.

We will share 12 minutes of a broader material that weaves together a bunch of ideas we explored in our research. Our exchange began from a sense of longing for touch and ways to process this new reality of isolation. We invite absurdity, some sense of humor, discomfort, and tenderness around human connection and its cycles of a first encounter, exchange, and transformation.

SatisFACTORY Dance

Creating for 12 Minutes Max is an exciting challenge because while it provides us with the opportunity and freedom to generate material, it also puts time restrictions on how much we are able to share. Using a collection of chosen objects, we are developing games and play scenarios that are leading to rich improvisations and a wealth of material. We are coupling this with somatic explorations and attempting to delve deep into body sensations and states. There have been unexpected (and satisfying) propositions that are emerging in rehearsals, and we are trusting our judgement to pursue what it is that we find most authentic and poignant within our ideas. Each time we gather we uncover more and more choreographic possibilities, and the challenge lies in being selective and decisive in choosing what we craft. We’re reminded that editing is an important part of the process in order to fuse the different parts of our work together cohesively.  This whole experience is proving to be immensely gratifying and extremely fun! We are feeling inspired by the unique world that we are creating for our work to exist in, as well as curious about where our research may take us next. We are eager to present our fresh ideas in the showing and to receive feedback that will help us continue to nurture this creation and grow as a collective.

Yvonne Chew

I have been exploring my artistic fingerprint. Each time I went into the studio, I allowed whatever I brought with me in music and improvisation drive impulse to experiment with how I felt that day and what memories brought to the present moment given the time constraints.  My practice has been marrying my experiences through butoh, body weather, voice, improvisations and stream of consciousness writing.  I am grateful for the many teachers I have experienced the work of along the space The Dance Centre has provided for experimentation, research and development.


12 Minutes Max Studio Showing
Wednesday March 31, 2021 | 6pm PST
Free Admission, registration required
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Photos: TDC, SatisFACTORY Dance, Yvonne Chew