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Member Spotlight

Action at a Distance

November 2019: Action at a Distance
Q & A with Artistic Director Vanessa Goodman
Photos: David Cooper

HM: Tell us a bit about Action at a Distance:
VG: It’s a project-based company situated on the west coast that focusses on cross discipline collaboration, working intimately with projection, light and sound designers. Current research explores circulatory systems and instantaneous sound composition. The company works closely with artists who share its social and aesthetic values; frequent collaborators are James Proudfoot (lighting designer) and Loscil (AV artist).

HM: What inspires the work you create?
VG: Having a real exchange with people who come to be with the work and people that I’m working with. Sharing and learning.

HM: How would you describe your work in three words?
Circulatory. Sonic. Sensation.

HM: Do you have a ritual that you carry out each day?
Morning coffee and admin.

HM: What projects are coming down the pipe?
VG: Coming up very soon, Nov 15-17, Belinda McGuire and I are sharing a new duet at the Chutzpah! Festival with headliners UNA Projects from New York. I’m also excited about two new collaborations with composer Caroline Shaw and choreographer Simona Deaconescu.

HM: I am a Dance Centre Member because…
VG: … of the incredible work the the centre does to support artists at all stages of their career.

Thank you!
Hilary Maxwell, Member Services Coordinator