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August 2019: MACHiNENOiSY
Q&A with Artistic Directors Daelik and Delia Brett
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HM: Tell us a bit about MACHiNENOiSY
D: MACHiNENOiSY seeks to create work of contemporary relevance that challenges the audience’s expectations, not only of what dance can be but also what the role of the audience can be. We see the postmodern artistic discipline of Contact Improvisation and its auxiliary practices as an important method for the creation of dance. We strive to integrate other artistic practices towards the creation of a contemporary performance that expands the notions of dance.

HM: What inspires the work you create?
D: In our most recent works, Fragile Forms and We are…  we were inspired by the writings of phenomenologist writer, architect, Juhani Pallasmaa and New Materialists. Both offer perspectives on our bodily experience of time and place and emphisize our co relationship with the material world- organic and inorganic alike. These concepts have inspired our interdisciplinary approach for many years.

HM: What are the core values of your practice in three words?
 Collaborative. Transdisciplinary. Improvisational.

HM: Tell us about your fundraiser PROX:IMITY RE:MIX
D: It is a program for LGBTQ2+ youth which creates a safe space where they develop tools and strategies to empower and express themselves. Together we create a performance which celebrates the vibrancy and relevancy of who they are. PR requires the hard work of many. In order to create a lasting future for it we need more financial support.

HM: Do you have any memories of moments or people that have influenced your artistic trajectory?
D: The biggest influence on us as artists would have to be Peter Bingham and his improvisational and collaborative approach to Contact Dance. I was inspired to became a dancer, solely to be in his company.
DB: Debora Dunn and dance theatre in general. Witnessing the work of multisensorial, confrontational, Romeo Castalucci inspired me to get braver as an artist.

HM: Do you have any ritual that you carry out each day?
D: I get up at 7:00am make a coffee and take my dog for a walk.
DB: As I’ve gotten older self-care has become more important to me, so my rituals are getting longer and longer! Every day, I make a Bullet Proof espresso, drink Lemon water with tumeric and practice Yoga and HIIT.

HM: What projects are you working on this season?
D: We will continue to work on PROX:IMITY RE:MIX  in Vancouver, developing it into a longer program partnering with Sammy Chien. We plan to continue to develop the intergenerational improvisation collective, Mutual Futures. We will be remounting our most recent duet – We are by which we are moved in return – as an off DIV event at Left of Main.

HM: We are Dance Centre members because…
D: we value our connections to the other dance artist in our community and want to celebrate our place in the Vancouver dance milieu.

Thank you!
Hilary Maxwell, Member Services Coordinator

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