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Member Spotlight

KORO Entertainment

Member Spotlight: KORO Entertainment                  
Q & A with Founder & Accordionist Bob Kozak

HM: What is your connection to dance?
BK: I have danced and performed internationally for over 30 years. It is my passion and enjoyment.

HM: Tell us a bit about KORO Entertainment.
KORO Entertainment is a Vancouver-based company specializing in live entertainment – music & dance for functions, fundraisers and festivals. Also, KORO Ent. specializes in Eastern European Romani (Gypsy) music and dance. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, club, or private party, it will easily find you the perfect live entertainment for your special occasion. KORO Ent. will help you plan a spectacular event by choosing the right venue and entertainment that will make your corporate party a big success.

HM: What inspired you to create your company?
I was always performing music and dance since I was a kid. Getting my artistic experience performing internationally, I decided to create my own entertainment company and continue my artistic path and share my experience with others.

HM: Tell us about Romani Gypsy dance.
Gypsy dance is bright for its improvisation, freedom, energy and passion. It is the folk dancing of Romany people from all over the world. The dances are graceful with joyful movements, expressing freedom, passion and playfulness. It reflects Romany people’s traditions, lifestyle and freedom. Today’s Gypsy dance styles vary from country to country. Wide swinging skirts, shaking shoulders, tap and intricate footwork from Russia, body clapping from Hungary, hip moves from the Romania, Greece, Turkey and further east…

HM: What do you hope students take away from your Romani Gypsy dance workshops?
BK: Participation in classes can provide overall improvement as a dancer and artist as well as opportunities to participate in theatre shows, concerts, cultural events and festivals.

HM: How would describe your philosophy in arts and dance in three words?
Expressionism. Passion. Enjoyment.

HM: I am a Dance Centre member because…
BK: It gives me a pleasure and opportunity to meet and collaborate with professional artists and dancers, to pass my musical and artistic experience to those, who would like to learn or improve their artistic skills.

Thank you!
Hilary Maxwell, Member Services Coordinator