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Luminesque Dance

September 2019: Luminesque Dance
Q&A with Co-Founder Vanessa Young
IG: @luminesquedance
IG: @vanessayoung

HM: Who is Luminesque Dance?
Our specially designed programs safely teach dancers of all ages & abilities. With teachers who continually expose our students to unique styles and new challenges, you’ll grow and glow from the inside out. Our experienced production team writes, directs and produces professional quality, sold-out shows you’ll be proud to share with your family and friends!

HM: What inspired you to found Luminesque Dance?
Luminesque was initially founded by myself and Geneen Georgiev. With both of our vast experiences in the dance world, we had found the most success working with women on confidence-building programs that brought a community together. Luminesque Dance became the perfect connection between dance classes, large-scale productions, and a supportive non-judgemental dance community for all ages, backgrounds and levels.

HM: What is your background in dance?
I originally entered the dance industry via acting. I began my dance career with a switch in majors and started with the Contemporary Dance program at Grant MacEwan. From there it became a whirlwind of artistic exploration, that took me all over the world! I worked in Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the USA, doing tours, gigs and choreographing shows.

HM: What do you hope people take away from your classes?
VY: Those who have taken a Luminesque course before, have shared incredible stories of transformation. Some begin small, with building confidence, and some become large, like changing jobs or pursuing passions! My hope is that they carry that out of the studio and into their everyday lives as people, mothers, and partners. This is how we change the world!

HM: What are the core values of your company in three words?
Kindness. Support. Community

HM: What other creative projects do you do on your own time?
 In recent years, I became a Creativity Coach, and now utilize certifications in that, as well as EFT/TFT, Reiki, and my dance background, to create one-on-one experiences with artists, that help them grow as creatives in whatever their medium may be. I also love to write and produce shows and still do that through other channels.

HM: Do you have any upcoming projects or performances?
Luminesque Dance is about to start it’s 7th term this September, and we will finish in November with our original stage production of “SCROOGED”, a play on the Christmas classic film that includes ghosts of music’s past, and all of the iconic eras of our time.

HM: Luminesque Dance is a Dance Centre member because…
As artists we need spaces that foster community and collaboration within the dance industry, and I have found that here in our home at The Dance Centre. It is always so wonderful to meet other artists, see what others are working on. I am proud to support such a lovely non-profit community, and in turn, be supported by them.

Thank you!
Hilary Maxwell, Member Services Coordinator

LUMINESQUE – Sneak-A-Peek! from Luminesque Dance on Vimeo.