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Adrian de Leeuw


Thoughts is an exploration of the dialogue between audience and artist, it focuses on the way outside influences can start to shape an artist’s inner dialogue. The film highlights the hierarchy that can be present in some choreographic processes or classrooms. It also proposes the idea that no matter how well-intentioned some commentary may be, it turns into a negative influence in the wrong environment. In creating this film, I hope to present my perspective on this aspect of the young artist’s experience.” – Adrian de Leeuw

  • Wednesday July 7, 2021 | 5pm PDT

  • Online

  • Free Admission

  • approx 5 min


Madeleine Gilbert (Dancer)

Mika Manning (Dancer)

Adrian de Leeuw (Director/Editor).

Adrian de Leeuw is a Vancouver-based dancer and choreographer who studies dance-for-film in his spare time. He has worked with Vanessa Goodman’s Action at a Distance, Plastic Orchid Factory and Kinesis Dance somatheatro. He has presented his choreographic work through 12 Minutes Max, and his dance-for-film work at Left of Main as part of Dance In Vancouver 2019.