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Adrian de Leeuw

“STALEMATE sheds light on the uncomfortable reality of the artist’s progression. In creating this film we confront the dark, unhealthy, conflicting emotions and memories that can begin at a young age and line the path of our journey. Reconciling these memories is a fight that we will always be engaged in. The first step is to unveil the problem. Nobody is exempt and we all have healing to do. What outcome should be seen? Who gets to be satisfied? Where should the finger point?” – Adrian de Leeuw, Madeleine Gilbert, and Mika Manning

The film deals with themes surrounding anxiety and verbal abuse. This may be disturbing for some viewers.

  • Wednesday July 7, 2021 | 5pm PDT

  • Online

  • Free Admission

  • Approx 5 minutes


Created and Produced by Madeleine Gilbert, Mika Manning and Adrian de Leeuw
Text and Performance by Madeleine Gilbert and Mika Manning
Cinematography and Editing by Adrian de Leeuw

Adrian de Leeuw is a Vancouver-based dancer and choreographer who studies dance-for-film in his spare time. He has worked with Vanessa Goodman’s Action at a Distance, Plastic Orchid Factory and Kinesis Dance somatheatro. He has presented his choreographic work through 12 Minutes Max, and his dance-for-film work at Left of Main as part of Dance In Vancouver 2019.

Born in North Vancouver, Madeleine Gilbert trained at Arts Umbrella where she completed the Arts Umbrella Graduate Dance Program. She had the privilege of working with Ballet BC on Medhi Walerski’s productions of Romeo + Juliet, in 2018 and the remount in early 2020. Madeleine apprenticed with Inverso Productions (2018-2019) and was part of the Performance Research Program (2018-2020).

Mika Manning is a freelance dancer and photographer. She trained in dance at Arts Umbrella under the direction of Artemis Gordon. Upon graduation, she moved to San Francisco, California to continue her studies at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance under the guidance of Summer Lee Rhatigan. Mika has also had her photography featured in the 2020 Summer issue of Dance Current Magazine.