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good/terrible: open practice session

This is an online open studio of shared practice that the dream readers have been working on since January 2021. The group will conduct readings for and with each other using a shared divination score sourced from a rolodex of excerpts from the dream archive and the practice of carromancy, or wax throwing.

The group will perform these readings informally and as a part of their ongoing practice. You are invited to join in at any time, come and go, or to stay for the whole session. The chat will not be moderated.

Gathered and facilitated by Alexa Solveig Mardon, with textiles by Nellie Gossen, booklet design by Brynn Catherine McNab, and peer mentorship from Francesca Frewer and Erika Mitsuhashi.

The dream readers is composed of dance artists:

Aisha Sasha John
Ses Seçkin Çınar
Zahra Shahab
Rianne Svelnis
Andrea Cownden
Francesca Frewer
Erika Mitsuhashi
Forough Fami
Justine A. Chambers (not present for this showing)

  • Saturday, May 15, 2021 | 11am - 3pm PDT

  • Online via Zoom

  • Free: advance registration required

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The score (interpreted and adapted by each group as necessary)

The reader opens the space
The receiver asks a question (silently)
The reader throws the wax
The shape is read
The reader pulls a dream excerpt from the dream oracle rolodex
The receiver shares their question
The reading continues with added/shifted information from the dream oracle rolodex
The reader + receiver end the reading

Since September 2020, as a part of Alexa’s ongoing curiosity into threshold spaces, consciousness, language and co-created ritual, the group has been recording their dreams in a shared document. This growing dream archive has since seeded scores both private and shared, poems, commitments, revelations, difficulties, and friendships. As the archive grows, so does our shared adjacent intimacy across realms. Dreams speak to us, and through this work, we aim to speak back.