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Lion Lion

Se prendre

The venue for Se prendre is a historic estate. In groups of 12, the audience follows two women from room to room as they come together in gestures of violence, tenderness, and desire—a pas de deux that skirts the edge of emotional safety. The acrobatic movements and anguished expressions speak volumes—albeit in a strange, beguiling language.

Erotically suggestive, athletically impressive, and dramatically tense, this performance is in some ways ineffable; at the same time, it gestures towards feelings and notions that are troublingly familiar. Se prendre is a psychodrama that plays out in physical terms; in the duo’s leaps, contortions, and embraces lie unnameable feelings, uncountable ideas. What the artists offer is something rare and generous: an invitation to listen with one’s eyes, and to experience movement as meaning.

Presented by the PuSH International PErforming Arts Festival

Showtime and accessibility details 

  • Saturday January 29 - February 4, 2022

  • The venue is a private lakefront estate in Burnaby. The location will be given out to ticketholders.

  • $34

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