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Event, Studio Showing | Artist-in-Residence

Radical System Art

Figure Eights

Figure Eights highlights the classic performing arts format of the duet. The work looks to reference the influence and impact of the past, seeing that this history is rooted in us and how we can move forward today. Figure Eights continues a 6-year history of collaboration between tap artist Danny Nielsen and contemporary artist Shay Kuebler, which continues to explore the connection and integration of percussive and non-percussive dance forms. The two artists bring forward their diverse interests in music, comedy, theatre and dance to find a classic form of entertainment with a unique contemporary voice. Shay and Danny will share work in progress and talk about their research.

  • January 25 – February 1, 2021 | 5pm PST

  • Online

  • Tickets on a sliding scale: $0/$10/$20 (sales close Feb 1 at 4pm)

  • 35 minutes

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Choreography & Direction: Danny Nielsen & Shay Kuebler

Sound Direction: Kate De Lorme & Eric Chad

Light Design: Rob Sondergaard

Supported through The Dance Centre’s Artist-in-Residence program

Photos: Dayna Szyndrowski and Joyce Torres